Our Mission Statement

The Devious Demon Dudes are a collection of artistic NFTs, each with its own unique trait combinations and rarity. This collection serves as the foundation for our community, Devious Nation, to utilize and expand upon.

DDD is led by a team of devoted individuals committed to bringing consistent value to our holders. Our success depends greatly on Devious Nation for new ideas, new artwork, support and promotion. Together, we can create enormous value in the Demon Dudes, and help a lot of people along the way.

DDD and Devious Nation are also dedicated to supporting new NFT artists through our Devious Artist Series, and increasing mental health awareness. We use the Demon Dudes as an opportunity to help people face and overcome their own inner demons.

We are constantly evolving and adapting to the fast-paced world of NFTs, so it’s important to remain as flexible as possible. A lot can change in just a few weeks, and we may find new ways to make Devious Nation even better.

We are all still early!

The Demon Dudes Story

On June 6, 2021 @ 6:66 UTC, a mysterious crack appeared in the ground near York, PA.

An unlucky 6666 individuals fell through the crack that day. Some were lost forever in the depths, but some were found and chosen by the Society of the Underworld to become the "Devious Demon Dudes."

These Demon Dudes then created an exclusive club to implement their devious plans for the rest of time. This club would eventually be called "Devious Nation".



How much do Demon Dudes cost to mint?
.0666 ETH + gas

When will minting end?
Soon. We will be announcing a new plan to distribute the remaining demons, but some may be sent back to the Underworld forever for extremely devious behavior.

After the plan is completed, any unclaimed demons will be sent to a vault and the total supply will be locked for eternity.

How many different traits do the Demon Dudes have?

The Devious Demon Dude collection consists of 166 unique traits over 7 different categories. Each Demon Dude is one of a kind, featuring a completely unique combination of traits.

To see all of our rarity, we are listed on Rarity Tools.

What are the technical details behind the Devious Demon Dude NFTs?

The dudes are all ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, each with its own unique ID number.

Verified Smart Contract

What is the “7 Sins” attribute?

You can think of it as a way to achieve “VIP Status” in Devious Nation. By holding all 7 Sins, you will be given a unique role on our Discord server. With this role, you will get early access to leaks, drops, events and other utilities.

We have more plans for this role in the future potentially including exclusive voting privileges, custom NFTs, unique avatars for the metaverse and more!

If you have any other questions, head over to #support in our Discord server.


Currently in Progress
1. Implement plan to distribute/eliminate the unminted supply of demons

2. Post-Sale Celebration:
    •Physical Giveaways: 1 Custom Neon Sign, 1 Commemorative Collectible
    •New wearable for Decentraland (airdrop to all DDD holders)

3. Release a more detailed, finalized “Roadmap”

Future Plans/Goals
1. New Divine Partners for the Demon Dudes

2. Firefighters Charity Organization - Official Partnership

3. Mental Health Charity Organization - Official Partnership

4. Devious Merch

5. Metaverse:
    •Exclusive benefits and wearables
    •Consistent schedule of showcase and networking events
    •Future building in Decentraland and Sandbox

Ideas/Long-term Plans
1. Ideas/Long-term Plans

2. Ability to swap and stake Demons in a Liquidity Pool

3. NFT Mining through the DDD website

4. Live Shows and Events

5. P2E digital trading card game based on traits, especially the 7 Sins!

6. Comic Book Series in NFT and physical book form

7. Naming/Customizing Your Demon Dude

8. DAO consideration and discussion





Head Artist


Operations + Support